Life In A Box

Max 59

This is Max. For nearly 19 years he was part of our family. He lived in a protective environment. He was an indoor kitty. Rarely did he venture outside, so foxes, coyotes and hawks were not a threat. Yet he lived in fear. Not every moment, of course. But it didn’t take much. An unusual noise. The sight of a dog outside. A visitor. It took very little to drive Max under a bed. He was the quintessential¬†scaredy-cat.

It’s true that few if any people are scaredy-cats to the degree that Max was. Most people don’t find solace in boxes or hide under beds. Or do we? Perhaps it’s just that our boxes are different from Max’s.

Indeed, it could be that fear plays a much greater role in our lives than we care to admit. It could be that living a courageous life is the only way to live one’s life fully, in all its potential and magnificence. These are hypotheses I believe to be true, Vera. If I am right, your relationship with fear will have a major impact on the way you live and experience you life. Continue reading

The Greatest Threat to a Happy Life

I have about 200 ideas swirling around in my head. What topic should I address in this first substantive blog post? The lessons I’ve learned and unlearned over the past 61 years are many. And who knows how many I have yet to learn and unlearn? It makes sense to lead with the most important. Yet how does one prioritize? This morning it occurred to me to do it thusly (don’t see that word used often, do you?): Begin as though you had only one post to make.

So if I could leave only one message for our granddaughter, Vera, what would it be? Here is where I cheat just a bit. There are two: a 1 and 1A. I’ll address 1A in the next post. Today, I begin with what I consider to be the greatest threat to anyone’s happiness. Continue reading