The Main Terminal at Denver Airport Is a Magical Place

I love meeting people at Denver International Airport. There is no better sight.

I met your dad there last night, Vera. He was returning from a business trip from Manila. I could have done a curb pick up. That would have been easier. But it wouldn’t have been as gratifying.

Passengers have to take a tram from the gates to the main terminal. They then have to take one of two escalators up to the main floor of the terminal. It’s as if the earth spews forth a sea of humanity from its bowels seconds after the tram doors open.

But it’s what awaits them that I find most interesting. At the top of the escalators, behind a railing designed to keep people at bay, awaits another sea of humanity: all the friends and relatives who are there to meet the arriving passengers.

I love watching them — the look of anticipation on their faces and then, when their loved one arrives, the sudden outburst of joy and, sometimes, rawer emotions.

Sometimes it’s hard to like people. We’re capable of harsh, inconsiderate treatment of each other. But when I stand back and watch those reunions unfold, it’s really easy to like people. And to be happy for them.

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