Hypocricy Is the Norm

We live in the West (one of the Mountain States to be exact). There is a lot of agriculture to our north and east. In fact, when we drive to visit you, Vera, we drive past thousands of acres of corn, wheat and soybean crops. And past ranches with countless heads of cattle.

Farmers and ranchers tend to be conservative. Extremely conservative. Many of them don’t like government. They want it small and out of our lives. Or so they say.

Indeed, Kansas elected what many people consider to be an extreme right-wing governor. Their choice is arguably having disastrous economic consequences for their state’s economy, but they stuck with him and re-elected him once. Kansas folk are that conservative.

They say they stand on principle. But that’s hogwash. Conservatives are every bit as hypocritical as anyone else.

The most recent example is the plea by farmers and cheese producers for a government bailout. And, sure enough, they’re going to get one. The federal government will purchase $20 million of cheese products it doesn’t need, all for the sake of providing a handout to the ag industry.

It’s not an isolated circumstance. Farmers and ranchers have gotten the benefit of many government bailouts and handouts over the years. And they’ll get more in the future.

Does that mean they’re bad people? No. Does it mean they’re being hypocritical? You bet.

They may not be any more hypocritical than the rest of us, but perhaps they are. I don’t know and I don’t care.

The point is, though, you can’t accept people’s words and votes at face value. You have to examine their actions. And see what their true values are.

The same goes for us. We have to be careful that the gap between our rhetoric and actions doesn’t get too wide. Authenticity demands no less. And if we’re not authentic, what are we?

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