Timing Is Everything

One thing I’ve learned in life, Vera, is that timing is everything.

I was reminded of that fact last evening when I read about the demonstrations against our president-elect in New York City and elsewhere, including on school campuses. I remind you, this was a day after the election.

Many young people (under age 35) chose not to vote in this election or to vote for a third-party candidate who didn’t have a chance of winning. Whether I think their decision was prudent makes no difference. It was theirs to make. They had the right to vote or not vote, to vote for Mr. Trump or for the only candidate who could keep him out of the White House, or for some other candidate “out of principle.” Again, that’s their right. I am not questioning their decision.

But their timing sucks. If, as yesterday’s demonstrations indicated, it was so important to them to deny Mr. Trump the White House, then the time for action was before the election, not after it. And the time to make the decision that could keep him out of the White House was on election day, not the day after.

But this post isn’t about the election. It’s about timing. And that’s an issue that transcends politics.

Many of us put things off. We fail to take that trip of a lifetime. We fail to quit that job that’s making us miserable and try something else. We fail to get our financial house in order. We put off losing that weight. We never get around to telling our children or spouse how much we love them and how much they mean to us.

Timing is everything.

Don’t wait until it’s too late. Don’t wait to demonstrate until after the election is over. Don’t wait to hug your parents, sons and daughters until you can’t get out of bed.

The only moment in time we’re sure to have is this one. Use it wisely.

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