One Step Closer

We took another step in your direction this week, Vera: we signed a contract to buy a new house in Carmel, not far from your home. If things go as planned, we’ll be living there by June.

When we moved into our house in Colorado, we thought we’d be there until we died. We thought it was time to settle down. It turns out we were wrong.

I’m the unsettled sort. After college, I’ve lived in central Pennsylvania (Mechanicsburg, the town in which I was born but not reared, Dillsburg and Camp Hill), the Pittsburgh area (Bridgeville and Allison Park), back to Mechanicsburg, the Philadelphia area (Westtown), Bridgewater (Va.) and Colorado. Perhaps you can tell I get bored easily. Or maybe I’m just the unsettled sort.

Whatever it is, we thought it had some to an end. We love Colorado. And we’ve made great friends there. We thought we’d be there until we died. And then came you.

You are a happy kid. For goodness sake, you even wake up happy in the morning. You seem to really enjoy life. And, strangely, your wonderment and effervescence are contagious. For such a little thing, you have incredible power, including the power to draw us near.

You’re also a reminder of what’s important. You see, some of my earlier moves were career related. I moved for a certain job opportunity. Each move was worthwhile, yet each one placed career over relationships. I’m not sure that was best. But neither am I sure it wasn’t.

In any case, I am sure this move is for the best. As much as we love Colorado, it isn’t a close second to living in Indianapolis near you and your parents. And to being closer to my mother, family and friends in Pennsylvania.

Of course, the day may come when you move away to pursue a dream or opportunity. Or perhaps simply to explore. That’s fine. The world is an amazing place. Try to see and experience as much of it as you can.

But wherever your dreams and curiosity take you, remember that home is where those who love you await your return. Perhaps only for a brief visit. Perhaps for longer. It matters not, for each moment is to be treasured.

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