This post is about friendship, Vera. You should learn about friendship because I can’t imagine being happy in life without it.

One of the highlights of my life has been the last five years. We moved to Colorado for no other reason than we wanted to live there. It’s the one and only time we moved some place just because. And it was wonderful on so many levels.

It’s been wonderful, in part, because of the friendship we’ve formed with our neighbors, J&D (Oscar and Milo’s parents).

Proximity brought us together: our front doors faced each other. But experience reveals that proximity isn’t really a factor. I had another neighbor who was just as close, but he won’t speak to me. He hasn’t forgiven me for not supporting a request he made to our HOA board.

No, proximity isn’t it. Rather, it’s them.

You’d like them. A lot. They like you. They met you when you spent three weeks with us last summer, and always are eager to see videos and photos of you. I think they like your spark. Your zest for life. Your infectious smile.

In any case, I think you’d like them because they’re real. There is no fakery or duplicity. They’re the kind of solid folk C.S. Lewis wrote about.

I’ve come to really appreciate people like them. There are no pretensions. No masks. No maneuvering. Just real people. Solid people. Wonderful people.

They’re the kind of people who probably don’t even realize just how special they are. In my experience, that’s the best kind.

We share some interests of course. Cycling. Trading stocks. Food. Drink. Certain writers. Some other stuff.

We also share some values. That’s important.

They have a sense of humor. That’s crucial.

They are thoughtful.

I’ve noticed over the years that true friendships survive distance. We have some dear friends in Pennsylvania whom we rarely see. But when we do see them, we don’t skip a beat. We pick up where we left off. It’s as if time and distance can’t touch us.

Nonetheless, it’s hard to leave. We’ve had a lot of good times. I know we’ll have more, but they won’t be as frequent. That makes me sad.

But what thoroughly delights me is our time together. And, even though we’ve only been gone from Colorado a few days, I live in anticipation. I eagerly await our time together, whenever and wherever that might be.

Don’t ever take friendships for granted, Vera. Nurture them. Value them. Treasure them. For they are indeed treasures beyond measure.

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