Credibility Is For Times Like This

You’d think this lesson would have been learned by everyone by now. But it hasn’t. And now we’re seeing it play out in the public forum one more time. I wonder if we’ll learn from this experience.

Our president, a serial liar, is up against a man with impeccable character, the F.B.I. director the president fired because (by the president’s own admission) of the director’s refusal to stop investigating the Russian connection.

Personally, I don’t think the former director has always exercised sound judgment; however, his record of veracity and virtue remains unblemished.

The president’s record is just the opposite.

If this gun battle rests on the parties’ respective credibility, there is no doubt who will win.

But the broader point is this, Vera: credibility and reputation matter. That doesn’t mean the charlatan won’t win some of the time. It doesn’t mean things will turn out well for the person of integrity. To the contrary, sometimes goodness and virtue carry a heavy price.

But sometimes it does matter. Moreover, I would argue, it matters even when the consequences are painful. Or even deadly.

Each of us must decide whether our word can be relied on by others. Each of us must decide what kind of person we’ll be. What kind of example we will set for others.

Choose wisely. For at some point in your life, it’s possible the only thing you will have to fall back on is your reputation. Your word.

If such a time comes, it would be well if you are in a much better position than our president.

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