We Don’t Scare

“We are united against an enemy that thinks by hurting us, they can scare us. Well, we don’t scare.” – Secretary of Defense Mattis responding to questions about the London terrorist attacks.

We don’t scare. I love it!

Fear seems to grip much of humanity these days. Fear of terrorists. Fear of autocrats. Fear of job loss. Fear of physical decline or ailments. Fear of dying. In the face of all this fear, it’s great to hear someone say, “We don’t scare.”

We need more of that. We need that kind of leadership, as opposed to the fear-mongering “leadership” that occupies the White House and other political, religious and corporate perches.

Fear leads to bad decisions. And bad behaviors. And cruel language. And hate.

Fear divides. Fear cowers. Fear is unseemly on so many levels.

Living scared is no way to live. Living scared saps the very essence of life.

We should talk more about courage. And perhaps less about politics and scaredy-cat politicians and other so-called leaders. And perhaps we should stop rewarding fear-mongers with our votes.

Perhaps we also should stop being so scared of death (and the decline of our bodies), and spend more time living each day to the fullest. Perhaps we should strive to live more courageously and be less concerned with longevity.

We don’t scare.

I don’t scare.

Words to live by.

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