These People Just Don’t Care

The Republicans running Congress these days don’t care. They just don’t care. About the working people, that is. They only care about themselves and the fat cats who are keeping them in power.

When the Democrats regain control, and if they act in such a callous manner, I’ll lambast them, too. But for now, they have no say. All of this rests on the Republicans’ shoulders.

During and in the aftermath of the Great Recession, the Republicans steadfastly refused to take actions that would have spurred demand and helped put people back to work. The deficit is all that mattered. Consequently, it’s been a long, slow process to get from there to where we are today, with many, many unnecessary casualties along the way (suicides, drug overdoses, broken families, lost homes, skyrocketing student debt, etc.).

But now the deficits no longer matter. Now, the Republicans can do what they’ve wanted to do all along: give themselves and their cronies huge tax cuts — in other words, grab an even bigger slice of the pie for themselves. And put the tab on the backs of the working class.

On one hand, I don’t care. I’ll be fine; in fact, I’ll have more as a result of their tax cuts. The people who are going to get hurt the worst are the people who put the Republicans into power. So one could argue they’re merely getting what they deserve.

On the other hand, I do care. I care about what these people are doing to the country, both in the short term and especially the long term.

I’ve been around some of these people who don’t give a damn about the working man and woman. Long ago I realized they think the poor and working poor are lazy and deserve their lot. Indeed, many of them are pretty open about it in private. Conversely, they think they deserve everything they have — and more! They earned it. They’re entitled to it. They don’t even give a tip of their hat to the role that good fortune and luck play in it (or, conversely, bad luck).

It’s one of the reasons they’ve been so complicit with President Trump. While they wouldn’t be so crass to use Mr. Trump’s schoolyard vocabulary, they do in fact agree with him that there are winners and losers. In their minds, most people are losers. And they deserve what they get. The people with political power, of course, are winners in their minds. As are the rich who lavish them with donations, perks, inside information and other advantages that never come the way of the working person.

Meanwhile, the Republicans are stacking the deck further in favor of themselves and their rich cronies. Now that they have complete power, they intend to grab all they can.

And you can be sure they’re not finished. Just watch. They will claim that we have to cut back on Social Security and Medicare because of the huge deficits. Naturally, they won’t mention the role they played in inflating the deficit. It will always be someone else’s fault.

These people just don’t care. They don’t. They have plenty, and they’re not in any danger of not having plenty. Each man and woman for him and herself. That’s their motto.

I have no idea when the reaction will come, when those being screwed by these people will rise up and exercise the power they have at the ballot box. I don’t even know if that day will come in my lifetime.

If it doesn’t, then I suppose we’ll simply get what we deserve. Maybe they’re right: maybe we are losers.

But, of course, no one’s a loser. Or winner. That’s the language of people who are trying to justify their unjust and uncaring policies and actions. It’s the language of the entitled class that doesn’t care about anyone else.

The more appropriate term is people. Children. Women. Men. People.

When people care about each other, the Seventh Generation and the future of the earth and its inhabitants, this world can be a glorious place.

But you have to care.


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