Tired of the Games

Naval Ravikant is always worth listening to in my opinion. I recommend checking out his recent Periscope talk on Twitter.

Naval is a techie but also a modern-day philosopher. He said something in this talk that was timely for me. He said he’s “tired of the games.” That’s how I feel.

Consequently, he’s living life one day at a time. For people like me, that isn’t always easy. We’re goal oriented. We respond to challenges. So getting up without goals, and simply living in the presence, can be disconcerting at times. Yet I am so tired of the games and, at this point, have no desire to return to the games. The pursuit of money and achievement is no longer sufficient motivation.

I’m reminded of this when I’m speaking with clients who are consumed by their work: increasing prices, improving efficiency, improving margins — often through rationalizing (a fancy word for laying off people). I hate the way people talk about reducing their workforce. The lack of humanity is so profound. I recoil at what the pursuit of money and status has done to us.

More fundamentally, though, I’m not looking for more things to do. Yet I’m very much stuck in the future. It’s hard for me to live in the presence.

Yet that’s where I want to be. Need to be. It’s where I can find the deepest happiest. But it can be boring at times. Yet the alternative no longer holds appeal.

I’m tired of the games.

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