Not All Beliefs Are the Same

Here’s what people say they believe:

Just a few reactions to this, Vera:

  • What people say they believe and what they actually believe may be two different things. Entirely.
  • Statements of beliefs — especially of the religious variety — shouldn’t be taken too seriously.
  • Professed beliefs in a vacuum are mere ideas and words. Real beliefs manifest themselves in decisions and actions.
  • Sometimes beliefs are aspirational.
  • Virtue signaling is real. And pervasive.
  • If you want to know what people truly believe, don’t ask them. Watch them.┬áPeople’s actions are more telling than their words.
  • If a belief is real, it will affect the way you vote, the way you spend your time, the way you treat other people, and most especially, the way you spend your money.
  • If people believed half of what they say they do, the world would look a lot different than it does. It would be a better place.


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