Better to Manage Risks Than Be a Victim

Over a recent 15-year period, here’s where so-called natural disasters have stricken and caused the most damage:

My initial reaction is that the Mormons are pretty smart: Utah and Idaho, the two states with large Mormon populations, have been free of disasters. I wonder if they’ve incorporated this fact into their marketing campaigns.

Of course, much of the fault lies with water: disasters often stem from having too much (floods) or too little (in the case of wildfires). Wind plays a major role, too.

Is there a lesson in this data to be learned, Vera? (That is, aside from the fact that property and casualty insurance rates vary considerably from one region of the country to the next.)

Be mindful of the risks. And actively manage and mitigate them.

Don’t be stupid. Don’t unnecessarily put yourself and your family in harms way. And don’t run the risk of financial ruin for avoidable events.

Finally, be mindful that we don’t have as much control as we like to think we do. Mother Earth has a mind of her own.

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