Piggy Bank B.S.

Our child-president proclaimed last week, “We’re like the piggy bank that everybody is robbing and that ends.” Then he and his minions insulted the leader of our closest ally. One of his minions even went so far as to say “there was a special place in hell” for Prime Minister Trudeau. It seems this White House only has praise for dictators and tyrants. But back to the piggy bank.

As David Rosenberg pointed out, “America actually tapped the global ‘piggy banks’ to the tune of $440 bn in the past year. The USA has a net liability to the rest of the world of nearly $8 trillion!”

Yes, Mr. Trump, America isn’t the world’s piggy bank. The U.S.A. is actually the world’s debtor. We are in debt up to our eyeballs. Why? Because we don’t hesitate to spend money we don’t have and we’re notoriously lousy savers. And we’re able to borrow on good terms. For now.

The president also complained about Canada’s tariffs on U.S. dairy products. But he failed to mention that the U.S. Government subsidizes its farmers to the tune of more than $20 billion a year. Talk about fair trade.

So what’s the point, Vera? It’s actually quite simple: you can’t believe half of what you hear. People like our president prey on people’s ignorance and biases. They’re concerned only with themselves and have no qualms about misleading others or inflicting long-term damage on our country or allies.

The antidote to such shenanigans is obvious: knowledge and skepticism. You need both.

And don’t think for a second such B.S. will be shoveled your way only by politicians. They are the main culprits perhaps, but quite a bit of it will come your way from other sources, too, including teachers, preachers, and business CEOs.

But that’s life. It’s part of what makes it interesting. And provides opportunities for people who are not so easily fooled and hoodwinked.


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