My Oh My, How Things Have Changed

(Thanks to Harry Stevens at Axios for the above chart.)

I’m still pissed at the way our Attorney General ripped our youth yesterday. So I thought it would be helpful to share some data on the ways life was so much easier for Mr. Sessions and me back in the day.

You’ll see how the cost of college has skyrocketed, Vera. And, yes, we are comparing apples to apples: all the numbers are inflation adjusted.

What isn’t shown here is the roughly $1.5 trillion of student-loan debt that our youth and others carry on their backs thanks to misguided policies emanating from Washington (both Republicans and Democrats).

You’ll see above how the median income hasn’t budged in all these years, despite the huge increases in education and health care expenses. How did we pull it off? By going deeply into debt. Which makes Sessions and his cronies happy, of course, because where some see debt others see profits.

People also have dealt with the economic headwinds by putting off marriage and buying a home. And more of our youth are living at home with their parents longer.

Yes, Mr. Sessions, let’s ridicule our youth. If we get everyone to focus on them, perhaps they won’t notice how you and your party are destroying the middle class so the wealthy can have an even larger share of the pie. Glutton!

I’m done venting now.

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