U.S. Adults with Post-Secondary Degrees

Maybe this is why some people feel threatened by immigrants.

4 thoughts on “U.S. Adults with Post-Secondary Degrees

    • I don’t think it’s overpopulated, I know that it is in fact overpopulated.
      The fact that an issue may be worse in another country does not make it a non-issue in this country.


    • If I may expand on that, immigration in the early 1900s is not the same as immigration now. We are bursting at the seems with our population. That, and our welfare system is drained and abused by and large, jobs that deserve to go to those who are already citizens are going to people who are funneling in both legally illegally, schools are crowded and children are suffering shit educations, American tax payer dollars are being put toward these “diversity” and “multiculturalism” causes when all we really need in this point in history is to PRESERVE Western values, not sell our souls as a humanitarian, Islam apologist, refugee camp.


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