Things I Think This Morning

You stayed over with us last night, Vera. It doesn’t get any better than this. As usual, I’m up early. Too early. You’re still in bed. As it should be.

Things I’m thinking about this morning in the solitude of my office include:

Things I Want To Do

  1. Watch a SpaceX Falcon Heavy launch at the Kennedy Space Center – There is one scheduled for October. If I can get tickets, I’m going. (Years ago your grandmother and I watched a launch there of a much small rocket. It was an amazing experience!)
  2. My special project (which will remain confidential until it happens, since it may not be possible). I’ve got a particular hurdle to get over in the near term. I received disappointing news this week, but it may be something that can be overcome. Soon, I should know if it’s possible.

Places I Want To Go Over the Next Year

  1. England (mainly, for your grandmother, who loves English gardens). We’ve been to London but haven’t spent time in the countryside.
  2. Solo retreat on some beach in the off-season. Perhaps Navarre or Grayton.

Things That Are On My Mind This Morning

  1. My friend Frank, who is battling cancer and undergoing PT in Texas as a result of major adverse neurological side effects from a clinical trial.
  2. Your uncle Andrew in California.
  3. The fact that all my best friends live at considerable distance from me. I wish I could see more of them.
  4. How out of touch I feel with the world just now. It seems the cultural values of society — at least the ones we’re constantly hearing about — are not mine. I’m feeling like a stranger in my own land.

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