There aren’t many good, adult movies being produced these days. Or perhaps I’m just not finding them. I’m tapped out on the super hero genre. But we saw a really good film Sunday. Leave No Trace is extremely well done. Great script. Great acting. Relevant. Subtle. Moving. A reminder of the pain some people live with. And the strength and courage of the human spirit. Highly recommended.

Thanks to Vera I also came upon another super flick: Sing. It was released nearly two years ago. I probably didn’t give it the time of day then because it’s animated, which, generally, doesn’t appeal to me. My mistake. It’s wonderful. I love watching it with you, Vera. In particular, I love when you spontaneously get off the sofa and dance to the music.

The flick is captivating, not only for kids but also for adults (or at least this one). Music has that power. I’m glad you like music. And are drawn into it. Music played a big role in my life as a kid. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did. As much as I do. In the meantime, I have a feeling you’re going to watch more of Sing. It’s that good.

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