Morality Means Different Things To Different People

This graphic confirmed, once again, that morality is far from a fixed concept.

That’s right: 27 percent of Americans, including 51 percent of Republicans, think Donald J. Trump has set a high moral standard for the presidency.

I don’t know whether to laugh or cry.

I laughed. But I probably should be crying.

Say what you want about Mr. Trump’s policies (some of which I support and some of which I oppose), there is absolutely no credible argument that Mr. Trump has set a high moral standard for the presidency. Unless, of course, your sense of morality is severely twisted and corrupted. Which appears to be the case. For many of my fellow Americans.

I know how this sounds: that I’m morally superior to these folks. And that is something I absolutely hate about the argument I’m making. And for that reason alone it may be better to keep one’s mouth shut about such observations. But I can’t. Silence isn’t my strong suit.

Perhaps it matters not. Perhaps morality and immortality are mere constructs of religion and other power structures, lacking any credible basis in either nature or divinity. In other words, perhaps it doesn’t matter in the least whether you comport your conduct with any societal concepts of morality.

I’m assuming this is what Mr. Trump believes, although, of course, he’d never admit it publicly. And I doubt he’s alone in such a belief.

I’m too old and weary to try to make arguments for why morality matters. You’ll have to decide for yourself, Vera. You’ll have a lot of input from parents, teachers, friends, family, religion, your work environment and every other nook and cranny of the world that you’ll encounter.¬†All of that input and all of those forces will influence your thinking. And your heart.

Many will suggest that reason (your thinking) should control. But I submit you should not turn a deaf ear to your heart, for even the most sensitive mind listens to the heart.

My mind tells me something is wrong in America when it comes to our collective and individual sense of morality.

My heart tells me not to worry about Mr. Trump or those who think he’s a moral person.

It tells me to be concerned about myself. How I live. What I do.

That’s more than enough to keep me busy.

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