If There Is No Sacrifice, Perhaps There Is No Real Belief

Nike rolled out its ad this past week to celebrate the 30th anniversary of its Just Do It campaign. It’s using Colin Kaepernick, the former NFL quarterback who has been blacklisted because he kneeled during the playing of the national anthem and spurred other players to do the same. Kaepernick has sacrificed his career for the sake of his beliefs.

Kaepernick drives some people crazy. They think he’s disrespecting the flag or country. They just don’t get it. Patriotism does that to people: it makes them brain dead. Stupid.

Ironically, many of the people most critical of Kaepernick profess to be Christians: followers of a man who sacrificed his life for what he believed. Yet many if not the vast majority of those people are arm-chair believers. They’ve never had to sacrifice anything for their beliefs. And probably wouldn’t. Which is why people like Kaepernick drive them crazy. He reminds them of the veneer quality of their beliefs and commitment.

It’s easy to say we believe in certain things. But unless we have to sacrifice something because of those beliefs, I’m not sure we’d ever know whether those beliefs are real or merely virtue signaling.

Mr. Kaepernick has shown by his sacrifice that his beliefs are real. And it drives some people crazy.

Kudos to Nike.

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