A Huge Time Waster

Some people spend nearly two years of their lives commuting. Many people spend at least a year of their lives commuting. 

Based on a rough calculation, I’ve spent 1.4 years of my life in a car or train going to and fro the office. At the time, it didn’t seem like much. Looking back, it seems like an awful lot.

If I had it to do over, I’d value time more and make sure I didn’t spent so much time commuting. I’d live closer to the office.

But I don’t have it to do over. And there’s nothing I can do to get that time back. It’s gone. Forever.

I suppose I’m still wasting time. If not commuting, then doing something else that is of little or no value to myself or others. I suppose that, no matter how we live our lives, it’s inevitable we will waste a lot of time.

That said, it seems prudent to minimize the amount of time we waste. An awareness of how those minutes and hours pile up might provide a bit of motivation.

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