Taking Stock as I Come Down the Homestretch

The year is coming to a close. Christmas is only a month away. It spurred me to revisit my New Year’s resolutions. Since I have only five weeks left.

Here are my resolutions and my status report:

  • Meditate daily – Tried but failed. Perhaps I didn’t try hard enough. Or perhaps I quit too soon. I may return to this when my mind is in a better place. At this point, however, suffice it to say I’m not in control of my thoughts.
  • Read at least one book per week – Not sure. I had started the year by keeping a list of all the books I was reading, but that became a chore so I stopped. I’ve read a lot. Whether it averages out to be one per week doesn’t seem important to me.
  • Volunteer and make new friends at the nursing home down the street – Done.
  • No alcohol from Monday through Thursday – Tried but failed until September. I came back from a long weekend in Cincy (to see my Pittsburgh Pirates play the Reds) and dumped most of my liquor down the drain. I decided it was unable to discipline myself when it was in the house. Since then I depleted the few items I couldn’t bring myself to discard (rye whiskey, Scotch, and a few beers). Now all I have in the house is wine for dinners. I intend to limit my consumption of spirits to restaurants, etc. In short, progress.
  • Avoid ice cream and candy and press my War on Sugar – OMG this is hard. Sometimes I do great; other times I fall off the wagon and stay off. The power of sugar is strong. Very strong. I shall continue to press my War on Sugar. I refuse to surrender. Yet I’m not certain I shall ever achieve complete victory. I do, however, need to lose weight. And I shall.
  • Exercise daily, with three or more intense workouts a week – Mixed success. I can’t say I never miss a day. I do. But I biked more this year (outside on my Scott) than I have in a couple of years, and I continue to ride the Peloton cycle in the basement and lift weights. I upgraded the exercise room. Trends are favorable.
  • Discover one or two great investment ideas – Not yet, but the year isn’t over. My biggest achievement of the year is having avoided some of the losses sustained by those who held FANG stocks or QQQ into the fall. I’ve had some nice winners but also some ugly losers. This is a game I’m still trying to master.
  • One silent solo retreat – Scheduled for January (a bit late but close enough). More to come on that.
  • Focus more on myself and the people and things that are important to me and over which I have some control or influence, and less on politics and society – I’m still working on this one. I’m hoping the retreat helps me get in touch with reality and less involved with the narratives and illusions that continue to dominate my thoughts.

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