Days to Avoid Surgery

I learned the hard way to avoid Friday surgeries. It had nothing to do with mortality (obviously). It had everything to do with pain management. My post-surgical pain was intense (very, very intense), but I was unable to reach my surgeon on Saturday. For that reason alone (the unavailability of medical professionals on weekends), I will do my best to avoid having any surgery on a Friday. But there’s more. And the more is potentially far more serious.

I came across a British study that compared surgical outcomes to days of the week. It turns out that your odds may be best if you have your surgery on a Monday, with gradual erosion of results as the week goes by and with a significant deterioration on Friday. Here is the chart:

Of course, this data further supports my position that it’s best to avoid Friday surgeries if possible. (I realize it’s not always possible.) Better yet: I hope you don’t ever need any surgeries.

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