Tariff Man Fails

Tariff Man (the term President Trump coined for himself) hates the trade deficit we run with China. He’s been working to correct this, or so he’d like us to believe. But the data don’t lie. And the data show our trade deficit with China is higher than it’s been in a decade (higher than it ever was under President Obama). It seems Tariff Man may be all talk. Now there’s a surprise.

Here’s the chart:

I suppose there are a couple lessons here for us, Vera.

First, it appears one can talk others into believing something is the case even if it isn’t. Some people call this effective marketing. Others call it propaganda. I prefer simply to call it bullshit. Whatever you prefer to call it, it’s real. Reality and perception are two different things. Perceptions are highly flexible. And manageable. And manipulative. Never forget. The difference between reality and perceptions. Between reality and illusions. Reality is harder to spot than you might think.

Second, one must remember to take other people’s statements with a grain of salt. Just because someone says something doesn’t make it so. Stated differently, the world is full of bullshitters. Many of them don’t even realize they’re bullshitters. But they are.

Oh, and don’t think politicians are the only ones who are bullshitters. That’s certainly not the case. You’ll find them everywhere. In corporations. Churches. Colleges. Families. Neighborhoods. Even inside yourself.

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