Taking Delight in Other People’s Misfortunte

A U.S. District Court judge in Texas ruled yesterday that the Affordable Care Act (a/k/a Obamacare) is unconstitutional. President Trump is delighted.

Absent a stay, this means no one will have the right to secure medical insurance. If you have a preexisting condition, you can be denied coverage. In fact, you can be denied coverage for any reason. It’s entirely up to the insurance companies. This is what delights President Trump. You see, he really doesn’t give a damn about people. He’s obsessed with negating anything President Obama did or touched. Because it’s all about him. That’s Trump’s world: extreme narcissism.

That’s not to say the ACA is unconstitutional. One thing is certain: that decision won’t be made by a single trial judge in Texas. It will be made by an appellate court. And that will take time. So it’s likely (although not certain) the Texas judge’s order will be stayed.

In any case, what’s clear is we elected a man who has done absolutely nothing to ensure all Americans have access to affordable health care. He’s talked a lot about it. But it’s been all talk. The reality is, he’s not lifted a finger on his small hands to improve or change anything.

Medicines are still unaffordable for many. And insurance and pharmaceutical companies still are raking in huge profits off the backs of hard working Americans. Or, worse yet, withholding medicines and life-saving care in certain instances.

Why we put up with this situation is beyond me. And why we elect a president who doesn’t give a damn about anything but himself is also beyond me.

But at least Mr. Trump is happy. Happy that company profits can once again take precedence over people’s health and well-being.

What a perverted place the world can be.

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