Notes from the Desert Day Three

Day Three (Links for Days One and Two)

I spent more time with De Mello’s book last night (referenced in Day One’s post). There are many passages that hit home for me. At one place, he mentioned how we were invited by Jesus to become like children.

A child starts off life looking at reality with wonder. I see it in you, Vera. It’s a joyful experience, both for you and those of us who observe and are near to you. But then something happens as we travel into adulthood. De Mello sums it up this way:

“Then wonder dies and is replaced with boredom.”

One of the reasons I’m in the desert is because I was bored.

I understand it doesn’t have to be this way. And I’m coming to better understand why it is. And what the things are that are blocking me from becoming like a child. I’m understanding better what the distractions are and the harmful effects these distractions have on us individually, as well as on our society. I’m understanding that illusions and false beliefs are anything but benign.

A child doesn’t feel irrelevant. Insignificant. Bored (sans school-induced boredom). Existential questions don’t steal the wonder from the child’s life. A child experiences wonder all the time. A child lives in the moment.

Yet an adult’s thoughts, often lodged in either the past or future (more likely, both), make that hard — or perhaps even impossible on a sustained basis.

But “I am not my thoughts,” said De Mello.

Then who am I?

For now, I’m someone …

In the desert.

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