The Show Goes On

President Trump is the consummate con man. Show man. No one can dominate the public attention and discourse like he can. He’s superb at what he does.

Meanwhile, of course, the daily barrage of distractions — the show he orchestrates — provides cover for the real Republican agenda: cutting taxes for the rich and their corporations, privatizing governmental functions such as education and the military (i.e., converting them into profit-making enterprises, further enriching those with capital), eliminating constraints on businesses so nothing gets in their way of turning a profit, undermining and weakening the forces of liberal democracy in whatever way he can, and pruning and, where possible, eliminating the social safety net (i.e., overturning Franklin Roosevelt’s New Deal and its progeny). In short, Mr. Trump has been very good for the elite of this country, his populist persona notwithstanding.

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It’s Official

This afternoon the president’s personal lawyer admitted in open court that he was in a criminal conspiracy with his client. Specifically, the president (then a candidate) directed his lawyer to commit a federal crime.

Of course, no one could have been surprised by this. But now it’s official.

Today, in another courtroom, a jury found the president’s former campaign chairman guilty of eight federal crimes.

The president’s former national security adviser previously pleaded guilty to felonies.

We’ll do our best to clean up this cesspool before you come of age, Vera. Suffice it to say there’s more work to be done.

P.S.  Another tidbit: The first two members of Congress to endorse Donald Trump – New York’s Chris Collins and California’s Duncan Hunter – are both under indictment.

Update on the Debt Binge Being Perpetrated by Republicans

Today’s tweet by one of the investment world’s most respected economists:

This is what happens when a country elects a self-proclaimed “King of Debt” to the presidency.

Once again, Vera, I’m sorry for the mess my generation will be leaving yours. My generation adhered to the philosophy, “Live for today, don’t worry about tomorrow.”

At least your and your parents’ generations won’t be without any remedies. You can always slash the Social Security and Medicare programs.