If There Is No Sacrifice, Perhaps There Is No Real Belief

Nike rolled out its ad this past week to celebrate the 30th anniversary of its Just Do It campaign. It’s using Colin Kaepernick, the former NFL quarterback who has been blacklisted because he kneeled during the playing of the national anthem and spurred other players to do the same. Kaepernick has sacrificed his career for the sake of his beliefs. Continue reading

If You’re Not Careful, You Could End Up in Jail, Even If Your Collar Is White

Jeffrey Skilling, for CEO of Enron, was released from prison yesterday. Mr. Skilling and others became infamous for perpetrating a fraud of major proportions on Enron stockholders and others in what has became known as the Enron Scandal.

It’s hard for a corporate CEO to end up in jail. It happens rarely. They’re judged by a different standard than run-of-the mill blue-collar offenders. Rich white-collar transgressors usually get a pass. It’s just the way the world is stacked in favor of people with wealth and status. It’s always been that way. But the implicit immunity for CEOs and other corporate types has eroded in my lifetime. A little. And it many be eroding further. Which is something to keep in mind. If you’re a corporate type. Continue reading


There aren’t many good, adult movies being produced these days. Or perhaps I’m just not finding them. I’m tapped out on the super hero genre. But we saw a really good film Sunday. Leave No Trace is extremely well done. Great script. Great acting. Relevant. Subtle. Moving. A reminder of the pain some people live with. And the strength and courage of the human spirit. Highly recommended. Continue reading

Never Blindly Accept the Dominant Narrative

By now you should have gotten the message, Vera: Don’t believe half of what you hear. You just can’t. Not if you want to remain grounded in reality.

But, of course, so much of life has no connection to reality. Rather, it’s a narrative. One that’s often contrived. To serve a particular purpose. Or promote a particular person, party or cause.

Another example of the gap between reality and narrative is staring us in the face today — that is, if we care to look. Continue reading