Time to Switch?

Drinking coffee could help you squeeze more time out of life, a new study contends. Put differently, tea drinkers die younger. And I’d hate to be a milky.

Which brings me to you, Vera: it might be time to think about switching from milk to java. A double espresso not only promises to give you a boost at day care (helping to thwart off the threats from Augie the tiger) but also might just add years to your life.

Your 3rd birthday is Saturday. I’m thinking a Starbucks card might be a good gift.

Live Long and Prosper: Drink Coffee

I like to cherry pick my health news. I get tired of reading about the things I eat or don’t eat that supposedly have a deleterious effect on my health (and, by extension, my longevity). But I never get tired of reading articles that affirm my behaviors, especially if they come from a highly respected source such as the Cleveland Clinic.

So I welcomed this morning’s tweet from the Cleveland Clinic that linked to a posting hailing the benefits of coffee drinking. Here is a link to the short article for my fellow coffee lovers. You tea sippers are on your own.

The Clinic reported that “a pair of new studies suggests that drinking coffee is associated with longer life and lower instances of cancer or chronic disease.” (Emphasis added.)

Admittedly, “associated with” is a not a particularly strong statement. But it will do, especially this week, after I had a biopsy to check for possible skin cancer and had some precancerous crap frozen off my face. (Obviously, I should have drunk more coffee.)

Not that I’m concerned. I had my pot of coffee this morning. I figure that daily ritual should give me at least another 63 years of good health.

Now all I have to do is find that article extolling the benefits of a daily steak with a Ben and Jerry’s chaser.