Still Have a Hard Time Believing How Susceptible People Are to This Con Artist

In 2016, Donald Trump said the bull market (i.e., stock market) was a bubble manipulated by low interest rates. Yesterday, he said the bull market is legitimate and the Federal Reserve is crazy.

By now it should be obvious to even the out-to-lunch crowd that this guy will say anything that he thinks serves HIS purpose at the moment (since, as is abundantly clear, the ONLY thing the man cares about is himself). There are no underlying principles or integrity. He is a con artist to the core.

And yet people fall for it. I get it — somewhat. Con artists have the uncanny ability to get people to fall for the absurd.

That said, it’s still hard to accept the reality of human nature. It’s hard to accept how easily manipulated we are.

Which brings me to skepticism, Vera. It’s a trait worth nurturing. The world is full of people who are just waiting to take advantage of you. Some are politicians. Many are not. Some are business people, lawyers, accountants and doctors. Some are people who run so-called nonprofits. Hell, some are even your neighbors, acquaintances and fellow churchgoers.

Be on guard. Lest you start believing that opinions and lies are facts and truth.