Sitting Is a Hazardous Activity

Cleveland Clinic is the best hospital in the country (perhaps the world) for hearts and heart-related matters, according to most measures and rankings. So what they say about hearts matters. And here’s some of what they say:

Turns out, your work to keep [your heart] strong is a key to longevity. While it’s not surprising that exercise is good for you — and for your heart — it may surprise you to learn that exercise that tests your heart in a controlled manner on an ongoing basis can actually add years to your life.

Which isn’t surprising. But this might be: “[S]edentary behavior and regular exercise are likely independent of each other.”

Hmmm, I thought. You mean all my walks, cycling, and weight lifting doesn’t offset all of my sitting and sedentary “activities”? Here’s what the Cleveland Clinic had to say about that (emphasis added): Continue reading

What’s Your Heart Telling You?

(Photo courtesy of the Cleveland Clinic.)

It’s impossible to ignore certain aspects of one’s physical condition. The gut is in plain view. All the time. So are the arms. And legs. And if you can’t lift a bucket of water, or walk up stairs without panting, you know it.

This reality is good for the fitness club business. Many people want to look buff. Or at least not look too unbuff.

At this point in my life, my goals are different. Continue reading