What Makes a House Perfect?

Your parents signed a contract this week to buy a house, Vera. It’s in their targeted neighborhood and school district. Finding a suitable house was a long process. Inventory in that desirable area of Indianapolis hasn’t been high, but demand has been very strong. Often, houses sold within hours or a day or two. It was common for multiple bids to be received by sellers, triggering bidding wars. I think your parents were outbid on at least one occasion; perhaps more. But, finally, they landed one.

I haven’t seen the house yet, other than the photos on the realtor’s website. It looks nice. I think you’ll like it there. I’m pleased because it isn’t far from the Monon, which means we’ll be able to bike to your place.

As with almost all houses in this part of town, the house was built some time ago (i.e., it has some age, just like me). I’m sure there will be some things that need updating. Or perhaps some renovations will be in the works. Age has certain advantages when it comes to houses (construction quality usually was better back then), but certain disadvantages (certain materials weren’t available then). The bottom line is, the house probably will be very suitable and nice, but not perfect. That’s where you come into the picture. You can help make it perfect.

A perfect house, you see, has nothing to do with the quality of construction or type of materials used. But it has everything to do with what’s inside.

Inside a perfect house you’ll find a loving family. One whose members nurture, challenge and support each other. Who are there for each other no matter what. Who are kind and forgiving. Who laugh and celebrate together. Who cry and grieve together. Who are honest with each other. Indeed, inside a perfect house you will find the world as it could be.

You are one lucky little girl. You have wonderful parents. And you have your health and a bright future.

You and your parents already have a perfect house. But you’ll be moving soon. It’s not far from where you currently live. You’ll be leaving your old house behind. But you’ll be taking with you all the things that make your old house perfect and will make your new house just as perfect.

I can’t wait to visit.