Because It’s the Right Thing Is Reason Enough

This week confirming evidence of the president’s lies about Russia came to light. Yet no one seemed to be surprised. It’s as if everyone knew he was lying all along. So when his lies were confirmed, there was little surprise or outrage. That’s where we find ourselves today: in the post-truth era.

You will have to decide for yourself, Vera: whether to be one who tells the truth, or one who says whatever serves your interests at the time.

Sometimes, the truth may be costly. It may be easier to lie. And more profitable.

Consider this however: Doing something because it’s the right thing is reason enough.

Said Often Enough, Lies Become Truth

I learned this lesson early. Well, not that early.

I was in my early 30s. I was a junior litigator at the time (i.e., relatively inexperienced), working on a major antitrust and RICO case. Our adversaries were sleazy. Their ethical standards were in the gutter.

They’d repeat lies to the judge often. I wasn’t too concerned. The judge was smart. And experienced.

But then it happened. The judge started to believe the lies. In the end, his belief caused him to engage in judicial misconduct himself. We had him thrown off the case. We eventually won the case, but not before I learned some hard lessons, including this one: said often enough, lies become truth. Continue reading