This President’s Fit Cannot Be Allowed to Succeed, Whatever the Costs

Forget about the wall for a second. Let’s take stock of what’s really going on here.

Under the U.S. Constitution, power to enact laws and appropriate expenditures rests with Congress, not the president. Executive power rests with the president.

We now have a president who is trying to wrestle legislative power from Congress. In effect, he’s saying, “Appropriate monies for what I want, borrow funds to finance what I want, or I will shut down the government.”

In effect, he’s refusing to fulfill his executive responsibilities unless Congress caves to his wishes. In other words, he’s refusing to fulfill his constitutional duties.

If the Democrats acquiesce to this extortion, then there will be no checks on this president. For that reason and that reason alone, they cannot allow the extortion to succeed.

If the president were willing to sit down with Congress and negotiate an immigration and border-control bill, that would be another thing altogether. But he’s not.

Instead, he’s like a petulant child. Give him what he wants or he’ll throw a fit. Indeed, he’s thrown a fit.

If Congress gives in, it’s all over. No one knows what fit will come next. And what danger he’ll put the country in.

We elected a spoiled child to the nation’s highest office. But that doesn’t mean the child should have the run of the nation.

P.S. Not that it matters. Because the wall isn’t the issue. The issue is keeping the man with autocratic tendencies in check. And not giving in to the extortion attempts of a man who refuses to fulfill his constitutional duties. Nonetheless, here is a photo of the nonexistent wall — the wall that apparently doesn’t exist — taken by me in the desert of Arizona last week. It’s hard to see that there are actually two fences here. But I guess we need a third. Again, though, the fence, wall, or barrier (as the pres is now calling it) is besides the point at this point. Open the government and negotiate with Congress. It’s not that hard a concept to understand. For an adult. Oh, I momentarily forgot.

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